Cyprus’ Subsequently Satellite Online casino Now Detailed at Larnaca Airport

Cyprus’ Subsequently Satellite Online casino Now Detailed at Larnaca Airport

Second satellite casino will go live in Cyprus as part of tropical island nation’s often combat seasonality and sketch visitors all year round

Cyprus’ second satellite tv for pc casino exposed doors this past Friday to supply the footprint of the Cyprus Casinos (C2) brand surrounding the island location. C2 Larnaca launched with Larnaca International Airport to attraction guests in addition to residents with the popular beach destination city along with the Mediterranean republic.

C2 Larnaca has a couple sites in the airport, just one located in the main departures ligue and the additional in the arrivals area. The previous is only you can get to people lady from Cyprus, while the cash requirements can be looked at by absolutely everyone. Casino specific visitors must be older 21 or higher in order to be mentioned to the gambling floor.

The very opening about C2 Larnaca occurred basically days right after C2 Nicosia, the first satellite tv for pc casino powered under the C2 brand, premiered in the Cypriot capital. Compared with the Nicosia facility, the main one at Larnaca International Airport basically features slot machines and no scratch cards. There are 44 gaming devices across the a couple airport areas .

Participating on the roll-out of the 2nd satellite online casino, City of Wishes Mediterranean together with C2 Building President Craig Ballantyne explained they believe C2 Larnaca will certainly ‘offer tourists and local people travelling to along with from Cyprus a distinctive entertainment experience . ‘

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